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Wrinkle-Ridge Ring

  • Jarmo KorteniemiAffiliated withEarth and Space Physics, Department of Physics, University of Oulu Email author 


A wrinkle ridge or several wrinkle ridges that form a continuous or semicontinuous ring.


Ridge ring


Wrinkle-ridge rings are composed of arcuate segments or a full circle of “wrinkle ridges,” which may continue in a “linear ridge”. On Mars the two sides of some rings are composed of two separate linear, parallel wrinkle ridges arcing in opposing directions (Neel and Mueller 2007). Lamont on the Moon is a pair of concentric wrinkle-ridge rings with several connected radiating wrinkle ridges (Wood et al. 2005).


Wrinkle-ridge rings are controlled by the topography of shallowly buried impact structure rim crests (Mangold et al. 1998; Ivanov et al. 2005; Watters et al. 2009).


They probably overlie buried impact craters whose rim crests concentrated near-surface stresses (Watters et al. 2009). Wrinkle-ridge rings are observed only on volcanic plains that are thought to be thin relative to crater depth (Neel and Mueller 2007):
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