Valley Network (Venus)

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Integrated system of elongate depressions cut into topography on Venus.


A type of valley on Venus



Networks of valleys, commonly with integrated systems of tributaries (Baker et al. 1992). Unlike channels, valley networks’ boundaries may not be shaped by fluids (Baker et al. 1992, 1997) and valleys show no bedforms indicative of surface flows (Komatsu et al. 2001; as also defined for Mars, Mars Channel Working Group 1983).


Three morphologic subclasses have been defined (Gulick et al. 1992) but some networks show transitional morphology.
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    Labyrinthic valley network (Fig. 1). This is the most common type observed on Venus. Valleys are several km wide and 100 s km long. They are found within or near tectonically deformed terrains or near volcanic landforms (coronae) (Komatsu et al. 1992, 1993, 2001). Their morphology suggests structural control. Widths and depths of valleys appear significantly...


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