Basaltic Ring Structure

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A rimmed topographic depression within basaltic lava flow (Burr et al. 2009).



Circular or elliptical structures with raised rims. They may have interior concentric ridges (Hodges 1978; Burr et al. 2009).


Formation of the Columbia Plateau examples involved lava–water interaction, perhaps together with inflation (thickening) of the surrounding lava flows that produced basaltic dikes. Basalt extrusion occurred and the molten material was intersected by a rising groundwater table that rapidly accumulated volatiles. It caused venting, doming, and cracking. Fractures formed concentric to the focus of pressure release and were filled by melts. Subsequent catastrophic floods removed most of surficial material and left only the roots of the structure exposed on the surface (Hodges 1978).

Planetary Examples

Mesoscale rings in Athabasca Valles (Fig. 1) were proposed to be basaltic ring structures formed by lava flows in...


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