Lacustrine Features (Titan)

  • Alexander G. Hayes
  • Thomas Cornet
  • Ákos Kereszturi
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Any kind of closed surface landform on Titan that could be related to the activity of liquid hydrocarbons. These include landforms covered by liquids (lakes and seas), topographic closed depressions partially covered by surface liquids or depressions completely free of any surface liquids.



While lake refers to a depression that is filled or covered by a standing body of liquid (e.g., Kuusisto and Hyvärimnen 2000, p. 4), “lake” and “sea” on Titan refer to small and large dark features, respectively, in optical and radar images interpreted as likely covered by liquid hydrocarbons (see Interpretationsection). Lacustrine features include potential past lakes (dried lakes or lakebeds), depressions that are the topographic lows where a lake can develop; and basins, which are very large and low-lying areas that could also be described as potential past seas (e.g.,...


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