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Ice-Contact Delta

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Series of coalesced flat-topped, fan-shaped mounds, forming a continuous ridge at non-calving ice margins, where ice front remains stationary for a considerable period of time (Bennett and Glassner 2011)


Delta moraine; Esker-kame delta; Kame delta


They form by subglacial meltwater discharging into a proglacial lake or the sea (Huggett 2011), directly at the glacier margins, unlike glacier-fed proglacial deltas which receive sediments from proglacial meltwater streams. Ice-contact deltas exhibit Hjulstrom- and Gilbert-type morphologies (Benn and Evans 2003). Ice-contact deltas may evolve from grounding-line fans (Grounding-Line System) (Powell 1990).


Glaciofluvial and glacial debris (Hambrey 1994)

Prominent Examples

Salpausselkä moraines, Finland

Planetary Analog

On Mars, some fan-shaped deposits interpreted as Gilbert-type deltas are proposed to be formed as ice-contact deltas in the Amazonian (Di Achille and Ori 2008) (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1
figure 1



  • Kame Delta
  • Lacustrine Features
  • Gilbert-type Deltas
  • Kettle Hole
  • Planetary Analog

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Fig. 1


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