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High-Relief Ridge

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Narrow, linear to arcuate feature in plain view that occurs on silicate bodies (e.g., Mars, Mercury) thought to have experienced local-, regional-, or global-scale contraction. High-relief ridges are likely a morphological variant of lobate scarps, which are interpreted to be the surface expressions of reverse faulting.


Linear ridge (Mercury); Tectonic ridge (Mercury, Mars)


Up to hundreds of kilometers long, are positive-relief landforms that deform surface units as well as the walls and floors of impact craters (Watters et al. 2009 and references therein). Rare in comparison with lobate scarps, high-relief ridges often show a transition with them (Fig. 1), suggesting that high-relief ridges and lobate scarps are similar expressions of the same process (Head et al. 2007; Watters et al. 2009; Watters and Nimmo 2010; Byrne et al. 2014).

Fig. 1
figure 1

Six hundred-km-long high-relief ridge on Mercury. To the north, the ridge transitions into a lobate scarp....


  • Reverse Fault
  • Planetary Body
  • Mare Basalt
  • Linear Ridge
  • Dike Intrusion

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Fig. 1


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