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Fractured-Floor Crater

  • Jarmo KorteniemiAffiliated withEarth and Space Physics, Department of Physics, University of Oulu Email author 


A crater exhibiting a system of floor fractures (rilles/crevasses/troughs/moats) and in some cases uplifted crater floor.


A type of impact crater floor modification.

May be Chaotic crater floor (Mars).


Cracked floor crater; Cracks or fissures on crater floor; Crevassed crater (Sato et al. 2007); Crevassed floor crater; Floor-fractured crater (Schultz 1976; Korteniemi et al. 2006); Floor-rilled crater; Fractured crater; Fractured crater floor (crater interior); Impact crater fracture system


Impact craters with deep fractures of varying widths. At the small end, only single fractures occur on otherwise seemingly normal crater floors; at the large end, only remnant high terrain blocks of the crater floor between wide flat-floored fractures are left. Other distinct features include deep annular moats, blocks, and knobs inside the crater floor. The variety of fractured-floor crater (FFC) shapes is thought to be formed (on Mars) in the following sequence:

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