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Diagnostic Tools of Malaria During Pregnancy

  • Alfredo Mayor
  • Steven R. Meshnick
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Malaria during pregnancy is associated with maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality through maternal anemia, low birth weight (LBW), and premature delivery. Thus, diagnostic, treatment, and prevention of malaria during pregnancy is a public health priority, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Pregnant women are highly susceptible to malaria. They are most commonly infected with Plasmodium falciparum, especially in Africa, but P. vivax infections are of great importance to pregnant women in both Latin America and Asia. In this chapter, we will discuss the various options for diagnosing malaria during pregnancy.

Pregnancy poses specific challenges for the diagnosis of malaria, as P. falciparum parasites may be present in the placenta yet absent or not detectable in peripheral blood (Uneke 2008). This phenomenon is due to the accumulation of infected erythrocytes in the intervillous spaces of the...


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