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Event Stream

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Event pipe; Event network edge


An Event Stream is a collection of ordered events [4].

Key Points

An event stream is a collection of events, with one or more order relations. The naïve order relation is according to the time that the event arrives to the processing system, but this may not reflect the event order in reality [2], which may define an additional order relation. An event stream may be homogenous (all events have the same structure and type) or heterogeneous (include events that have different types). Homogenous streams are also known as Data-Type Streams. For practical usages, typically data-type streams are used. An edge in the event processing network, known as event pipe typically is a superset of event stream [5].

Sometimes event stream is used as a synonym to event pipe. This term has some relation to “data stream,” but it is not identical [1], and does not necessarily correspond to SQL implementation. A typical case of event stream is a...

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