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Event Sink

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Event consumer


An entity that receive events from other entities [1].

Key Points

Event sink are nodes in the edge of the event processing network (receiving only) that receive events from the event processing network, event sinks are typically of two types:
  1. 1.

    Orchestration event Sink: receives an event from the event processing network and determines what action should be triggered (e.g., ECA rule) [2]. An action can be – database update, activating a software module, activating/modifying/terminating a workflow instance [3].

  2. 2.

    Notification event sink: receives the event from an event processing network and sends it to a consumer – a person or a dashboard [4].


Note: the action that is triggered by the event sink may be an event source and emit events to the same event processing network or to another event processing network, this will be reflected in the event causality and event lineage.


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