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Resource Description Framework (RDF) Schema (RDFS)

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Conceptual schemas


An RDF schema (RDFS) is represented in the basic RDF model and provides (i) abstraction mechanisms, such (multiple) class or property subsumption and (multiple) classification of resources; (ii) domain and range class specifications to which properties can apply; (iii) documentation facilities for names defined in a schema.

RDF/S follow the W3C design principles of interoperability, evolution and decentralization. In particular, it is possible to interconnect in an extensible way resource descriptions (by superimposing different statements using the same resource URIs) or schema namespaces (by reusing or refining existing class and property definitions) regardless of their physical location on the Web.

Key Points

Over the last decade, RDF and its accompanying RDFS specifications has been the subject of an extensive collaborative design effort. (1http://www.w3.org/RDF) RDF/S was originally developed as an application-neutral model to represent...

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