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Declarative Networking

  • Timothy RoscoeEmail author
  • Boon Thau Loo
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Declarative overlay networks


Declarative Networking refers to the technique of specifying aspects of networked systems, such as routing algorithms, in terms of declarative queries over distributed network state. These queries are then executed by a distributed query processor to obtain the same effect as executing an implementation of the algorithm in an imperative language such as C or Java. Executable descriptions of distributed algorithms as queries are typically much more concise than imperative implementations, and more amenable to automated analysis.

Historical Background

Declarative Networking emerged in about 2004 as an application of results in data management and logic programming to problems of network overlay maintenance. Its roots can be traced in several areas: attempts to describe real-world network configurations formally, e.g., [1], network management systems built over a declarative framework, such as IBM Tivoli Console and various research...

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