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Greece: Modern Greece 1821–2018, A political History of

  • Aristides HatzisEmail author
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Modern Greece has a history of almost two centuries. During these centuries, the country managed to move from the backwaters of Europe to a prosperous liberal democracy before economic crisis hit the country hard in 2010. Greece was founded after a War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire that was based on liberal and democratic principles. This left a political legacy which led to universal male suffrage as early as 1844 and one of the longest parliamentary histories in Europe, despite the tumultuous political life and brief periods of authoritarian regimes. The nineteenth century was a period of a slow modernization of the country (in infrastructure and institutions) but is was also suffocated by “Megali Idea,” the irredentist dream of the enlargement of the Greek state to include all lands, under Ottoman rule, inhabited by large Greek-speaking populations. A great part of Megali Idea was realized in early twentieth century but the triumphs ended with a devastating...

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The author is grateful to Konstantina Botsiou, Maria Efthymiou, Yulie Foka-Kavalieraki, Basil Gounaris, Evanthis Hatzivassiliou, Akritas Kaidatzis, Dimitris Keridis, Nikos Marantzidis, Iakovos Michailidis, Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis, Ioannis Stefanidis, Thanos Veremis, Spyros Vlachopoulos and Elpida Vogli for valuable comments to a previous draft. The usual caveat applies.


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