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Baroreflex Models

  • Yaroslav MolkovAffiliated withDepartment of Mathematical Sciences, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Email author 


Baroreceptor reflex


Blood pressure is controlled by several feedback mechanisms. The fastest one baroreceptor reflex (baroreflex) can be defined as the biological neural control system responsible for the short-term blood pressure regulation.

From modeling perspective the baroreflex feedback control system consists of three parts (Fig. 1):
Fig. 1

Location of baroreceptors and neural pathways of baroreflex responses. Abbreviations: CNS central nervous system, para-SNA parasympathetic nerve activity, SNA sympathetic nerve activity, NTS nucleus tractus solitarius, NA nucleus ambiguus, DMNX dorsal motor nucleus of vagus, CVLM caudal ventrolateral medulla, RVLM rostral ventrolateral medulla, IML intermediolateral column, PVN paraventricular nucleus, SON supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus (From Chapleau 2011 with permission)

  • The afferent part where the arterial pressure is being read out, transduced, and supplied

  • The central nervous system (CNS) where this input is processed and ...

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