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Android Malware Pattern Recognition for Fraud Detection and Attribution: A Case Study

  • Sergio de los SantosEmail author
  • Antonio Guzmán
  • Carmen Torrano
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Antivirus signatures

Singularity used by antivirus engines to identify certain piece of malware.


Black Hat App Store Optimization. It refers to any technique used to artificially rise up the number of downloads and rating of applications in markets.


Greenwich mean time.


Pre-hypertext processor.


Code written to cause harm to the device where it runs or, indirectly, the person using the device.


Machine learning is concerned with how to construct computer programs that automatically learn with experience. Machine learning systems are based on the establishment of an explicit or implicit model that allows to categorize the analyzed patterns (Tsai et al. 2009).

This automation capability is very useful in the cyberspace, where big amounts of data need to be handled. In regard to that, the term Big Data is frequently used. Big Data usually includes datasets with sizes...

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