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Management of Locally and Regionally Recurrent Melanoma

  • Cristina O’Donoghue
  • Jonathan S. Zager
  • Vernon K. SondakEmail author
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Locally and regionally recurrent melanoma is a recurrence at the site of primary disease, the regional draining lymph node basin, or in between, described as satellite or in-transit metastases. Close follow-up of melanoma patients is merited as most recurrence is diagnosed from a physical exam. Adjunct imaging is important to determine the extent of disease and to rule out distant metastases. The treatment options for locoregional recurrent melanoma include: surgery, intra-arterial regional therapy, intralesional and topical therapies, radiation and systemic therapies. Factors such as time to recurrence, previous treatments, patient age, recurrence size, location and number should be considered to determine the best treatment option or sequence of options. Patients with melanoma recurrence should be discussed in a multidisciplinary tumor board especially as treatment options continue to develop and evolve.


Melanoma In-transit Satellitosis Intra-arterial therapy Isolated limb infusion Intralesional therapy 


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