Surgical Technique: Arthroscopic Iliopsoas Lengthening in the Central and Peripheral Compartments

  • Geoffrey S. Van Thiel
  • Michael Stanek
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Iliopsoas tendinitis or the “snapping hip” can be a very complex and perplexing clinical problem for the treating orthopedic surgeon. Nonoperative modalities have and will continue to be the mainstay of the treatment algorithm. However, there are a small subset of patients that continue to have functionally limiting pain despite appropriate conservative management. These patients may then be candidates for arthroscopic management of their condition. This includes an arthroscopic iliopsoas tendon release in addition to the treatment of any other presenting pathology. Arthroscopic release can be performed with two different techniques. One technique initiates the release from the central compartment with the use of traction, whereas the second technique requires no traction with the release performed from the peripheral compartment. Both techniques have been shown to have good results. The release from the central compartment is the most common method chosen, but technique can be surgeon and patient dependent.


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