Student Creativity and Inventiveness in Business Administration

  • Sofia Estelles-Miguel
  • Marta Palmer Gato
  • José Miguel Albarracín Guillem
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Usually, studies in Business Administration have been based on conduct some lectures to which students had to attend. In response to the teacher’s explanations, students had to repeat the knowledge learned in an examination and solve problems in such tests similar to those previously resolved by the teacher in case. This process ends with creativity and inventiveness of the students. This causes students continually repeating the same behaviors that have been seeing over the years; thereby, freedom, creativity, and inventiveness of students are restricted, i.e., walking in those paths that have already been traveled, but this will not help new approaches or strategies.

Creativity and inventiveness are among the skills that today more than ever are needed especially in professional...


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  • Marta Palmer Gato
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  • José Miguel Albarracín Guillem
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