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BAFF/BLyS Family

  • Arpita Myles
  • Jean L. Scholz
  • Michael P. Cancro
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APRIL: A proliferation-inducing ligand

Synonyms: TNFSF13a; TALL-2; TRDL-1; CD256

BAFF/BLyS: B cell-activating factor of the TNF family/B lymphocyte stimulator

Synonyms: TNFSF13b; TALL-1; zTNF-4; THANK; CD257


BCMA: B cell maturation antigen

Synonyms: TNFRSF13a; TNFRSF17; CD269

TACI: Transmembrane activator and calcium modulator and cyclophilin ligand interactor

Synonyms: TNFRSF13b; CD267

BAFFR/BR3: BAFF receptor/BLyS receptor 3

Synonyms: TNFRSF13c; Bcmd; CD268


The BAFF/BLyS family includes two cytokine ligands and three receptors, all of which are members of the TNF/TNF receptor superfamily. Members of the BLyS family play critical and varied regulatory roles among cells of the B lymphocyte lineage: they control the selection and survival of pre-immune B cells, govern aspects of selection and differentiation among activated B cells, and impact formation and survival of antibody-secreting plasma cells. General features of these ligands and receptors...


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The BLyS family of receptors and ligands plays a pivotal role in maintaining peripheral homeostasis of B cells in both mice and humans. Their influence on differentiation and maintenance of antigen-experienced subsets is also beginning to be appreciated. Apart from regulating selection and life span, the BLyS/BR3 axis is relevant in autoimmunity and is a current therapeutic target.


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