Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Reinforcement, Differential

  • David McAdamEmail author
  • Vicki Madaus Knapp
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Differential reinforcement is a behavioral analytic term related to the principle of reinforcement and the process of extinction. Differential reinforcement involves providing reinforcement contingent on the display of specific responses, not all responses. Differential reinforcement serves to refine or shape certain responses and reduces or eliminates other responses that do not meet the criteria for reinforcement. Responses that are differentially reinforced are intended to increase and meet a prespecified criterion defined in terms of some response dimension, including frequency, topography, intensity, duration, latency, or magnitude. The responses that do not meet the criteria for reinforcement are not reinforced, put on extinction, and decreased. Differential reinforcement is a useful and naturally occurring process for increasing some behavior while eliminating other behavior. The effectiveness of differential reinforcement to increase or eliminate specific targeted...

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