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Viral Pathogens in Clinical Samples by Use of a Metagenomic Approach

  • Jian Yang
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Viral pathogens in clinical samples here refer to the human viruses isolated (or been discovered) in clinical samples that associate with known human diseases. Viruses from environmental samples or nonhuman biological samples as well as the large amount of commensal viruses in human virome are not discussed in this entry.


Viral diseases continue to threat public health and medicine in the twenty-first century by causing significant disease burden globally. Accurate and rapid identification of the viral agents is the key step towards better control and prevention of the associate diseases. Traditional techniques for virus discovery such as cultivation-, morphology-, serology-, and immunology-based methods have contributed significantly to the identification of most important viral pathogens during the last century. In addition, modern molecular methods such as PCR and microarray also play more and...


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