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IPRStats, Overview

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IPRStats is a lightweight platform-independent open-source licensed software package for storing and visualizing metagenomic data annotated by Interproscan. IPRStats is unique in that it provides the user with the same annotation choices offered by the popular open reading frame annotation pipeline, Interproscan. IPRStats can be installed either as a Web server or as a stand-alone software.


The functional annotation of open reading frames (ORFs) in metagenomic data is a highly challenging problem. The problem is difficult enough with regular genomic data. When functionally annotating metagenomic data, one is confronted with the additional problems arising from sequence fragmentation, imperfect assemblies, unmitigated sequencing errors, partially identified ORFs, and higher rates of error in ORF calling. One way to overcome these problems is to do away with ORF calling altogether. Instead, assembled metagenomic sequences are translated in six open reading frames....


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