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Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice

pp 4838-4845

Simulation as a Tool for Police Planning

  • Vasco FurtadoAffiliated withGraduate Program in Applied Informatics, University of Fortaleza (Unifor) Email author 


Crime simulation; MABS; MACS


Crime relies, directly or indirectly, upon an array of factors, ranging from the levels of concentration of wealth to the physical organization of the urban center under consideration. Modeling the highly interconnected nature of this social system has recently attracted attention in computer science. As experiments in this domain cannot be performed without high risks, because they result on loss of human lives, simulation models have been chosen as supporting tools for this process. Multiagent systems (MAS) primarily study the behavior of autonomous and organized groups of software agents with the purpose of providing solutions to complex problems that could not be achieved by each individual agent alone. Multiagent-based simulation systems have been successfully adopted because the inherent characteristics of the agents (e.g., autonomy, sociability, and pro-activity) facilitate the construction of more dynamic models, thus ...

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