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2013 Edition
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Creativity and Church

  • Hector Ramos
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 Ecclesia;  Innovation

Creativity God’s way is seen as an expression of His nature through His creation. Creativity without God is not meaningless as it still reflects Him since man was made in God’s creative image. If man can achieve such high creative acts such as visiting the Moon, how much more will the Church be able to achieve as a coworker with God, the Moon’s creator. However, the creative purpose of the Church may differ in its outcome to that of man. The Church’s purpose has been established to restore a relationship with Him. God is furthermore interested in restoring all things to His purpose: A place of His peace and abundance, a place devoid of poverty, greed or sickness. This is because Creativity God’s way and through the Church will always reflect His nature, His love, and His power and it is bound to surprise or offendus. A case in point is that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross was God’s creative act of salvation for mankind. Though God has shown Himself...

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