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Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

pp 447-456

Creativity Machine® Paradigm


Autonomous bootstrapping of useful information (DABUI), device; Autonomous generation of useful information (DAGUI), device; Imagination engine; Perceptron-imagitron pairs


Although the definition of the term “creativity” widely varies, recent developments in the field of artificial neural networks (ANNs) lend a highly comprehensive model to all accounts of this highly prized cognitive process. From this bottom-up, computational perspective, seminal idea formation results from a noise-driven brainstorming session between at least two neural assemblies. In effect, ongoing disturbances both to and within such nets serve to drive a sequence of activation patterns in a process tantamount to stream of consciousness. At sufficiently intense disturbance levels, memories and their interrelationships degrade into false memories or confabulations, any of which could be of potential utility or appeal. If another ANN is provided to make this value judgment, we ...

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