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2013 Edition
| Editors: Elias G. Carayannis

Church and Entrepreneurship

  • Hector Ramos
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Topic and Definition

The symbiotic relationship between church and entrepreneurship can be viewed from two fundamental perspectives. It is either men’s business of religion or God’s business on the Earth. The question is, “what is man or God buying?” For example, men can purchase peace of mind (from men) or obtain the peace of God and from God (for free). This entry focuses on how God and men in the church and through the church can become coworkers with God following His principles and guidance. If it is God’s business, we need to find out how He runs His business and whether it is a multinational (from every tribe and race) or just a family business. Is God into corporate social responsibility? And how? Is He interested in sustainable business? Entrepreneurs are always looking for gaps or unmet needs they can satisfy with products or services. What is God’s...

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