Acute Ischemic Stroke: Evidence-Based Neuroimaging

  • Andria L. Ford
  • Jin-Moo Lee
  • Weili Lin
  • Katie D. Vo
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Part of the Evidence-Based Imaging book series (Evidence-Based Imag.)


This chapter focuses on the imaging of acute ischemic stroke patients within the first hours after stroke onset when the decision to administer thrombolytics is of paramount importance. The major goals of imaging during this hyperacute phase of ischemia include: 1. The exclusion of intracerebral hemorrhage for thrombolysis; 2. The detection of acute ischemia in order to exclude stroke mimics; 3. Emerging advanced imaging techniques to delineate ischemic but viable tissue for possible intervention beyond the current thrombolytic window; and 4. the imaging of pediatric acute stroke patients. The chapter provides an in-depth discussion of the literature supporting the use of specific modalities for each of the major goals listed. Finally, imaging case studies and an example of an acute stroke protocol are provided.


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