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Diffuse Deposit (Io)

  • Ashley Gerard DaviesEmail author
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Diffuse material that mantles underlying materials on Io and is associated with volcanic centers.


Subtypes and Description

  1. (1)

    Yellow bright diffuse material: circular patches around active vents or irregular patches extending away from vents. Their color is caused by sulfur-bearing particles with a significant SO2 content. Formation of these units is associated with umbrella-like volcanic plumes (Strom and Schneider 1982; McEwen and Soderblom 1983) (Figs. 1 and 2).

  2. (2)

    Red diffuse material. These units occur as either asymmetrical deposits on one side of vents (e.g., Malik Patera) or as large circular rings around vents (e.g., Pele) ( Eruptive center (Io)). Where exposed, they are ephemeral features. These deposits are thought to be composed of fragmental volcanic deposits rich in metastable sulfur polymers or sulfur-bearing chlorides which color the bright and transparent material (e.g., SO2) (Strom and Schneider 1982; McEwen...

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