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| Editors: Henrik Hargitai, Ákos Kereszturi

Shield Field (Venus)

  • Henrik Hargitai
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Greater than average concentrations of small shield-like volcanic edifices <20 km in diameter (Head et al. 1992; Aubele and Crumpler 1992).


Shield cluster (Ivanov and Head 2011); Shield field (Head et al. 1992); Small volcano cluster (Guest et al. 1992; Addington 2001)


Enhanced concentrations of small volcanoes distributed over a quasi-circular region from 100 to 150 km in diameter (Aubele 2009) containing 10–100 s of 1–20 km-sized and 100–500 m-high small volcanoes on Venus (Aubele and Slyuta 1990). In addition to shield-type volcanoes, shield fields may also include steep side domes and scalloped margin domes (Ernst and Desnoyers 2004). The density of vents in a shield field may be more than 10,000 vents/106 km (Aubele 1994, 2009), almost double as in shield plains.


Subtypes by Crumpler et al. ( 1997):
  1. (1)

    Simple: scattered edifices with no apparent connection with the surrounding plain or other volcanic features; no associated flows are...

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