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A deposit originating from either magmatic or nonmagmatic flow laid down in the form of a sediment wedge at the juxtaposition of a river (valley) and a water (or other nonmagmatic volatile)-filled basin.


Related Terms

Delta deposit, delta body, deltaic environment


Deltas are sediment or rock wedges in cross section, thickening and then thinning away from the entry point, usually a river or valley mouth down into the basin. In plan view, the wedge may attain various shapes ranging from almost perfect fan shape to strongly lobate shape. The sediment feed to a delta is commonly by rivers, either deep and single thread or shallow and braiding with multiple thread streams (Galloway 1975; Nemec 1990; Postma 1990). Rivers transport the sediment both as bed load and in suspension, the bed load/suspension load ratio depends on unit discharge and grain size. In some occasions, the sediment feed has no or very little...

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