(−) – Salsolidine (O-Methylsalsoline, N-Norcarnegine)

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CAS Registry Number: 493-48-1 Open image in new window

Taxonomy: Physicochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Alkaloids – Isoquinoline Alkaloids

Biological sources: Salsola pestifer, S. richteri

C12H17NO2: 207.1255

Mp: 71–72°C (Et2O), 60–61°C (H2O), 231°C (hydrochloride), 195°C (picrate), 221°C (picrolonate) [1]

[α]D −53° (EtOH)

Solubility: very sol. EtOH, Me2CO, CHCl3; sol. Et2O, H2O [1]

X-ray(hydrochloride 2H2O): [2]


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