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CAS Registry Number: 19716-66-6 Open image in new window

Taxonomy: Physicochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Alkaloids – Diisoquinoline Alkaloids

Biological sources: Berberis heteropoda

C21H22N+O4: 352.1549

Mp: 213°C (chloride) [1]

Solubility: very sol. CHCl3, MeOH; insol. C6H6, Et2O [1]

UV: 263, 288, 307 sh, 330, 379(4.14, 4.45, 4.32, 4.10. 3.66) [1]

1H NMR: 3.25(2H, t, 5-H2), 3.97(3H, s, OCH3), 3.99(3H, s, OCH3), 4.03(3H, s, OCH3), 4.14(3H, s, OCH3), 4.97(2H, t, 6-H2), 6.85(1H, s), 7.48(1H, s), 7.90(2H, s), 8.65(1H, s), 9.75(1H, s) [1]


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