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CAS Registry Number: 66834-86-4 Open image in new window

Taxonomy: Physicochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Alkaloids – Bisisoquinoline Alkaloids

Biological sources: Thalictrum minus, T. sultanabadense

C36H38N2O6: 594.2730

Mp: amorph. [1]

UV: 286 [1]

MSm/z: 594(M+), 395, 381 [1]

1H NMR: 2.17(3H, s, 2-NCH3), 2.56(3H, s, 2′-NCH3), 3.81(3H, s, 7′-OCH3), 3.87(3H, s, 6-OCH3), 4.63(2H, br s, 2 × OH), 5.95(2H, s, H-8, H-8′), 5.95–6.76(10H, H–Ar), [1]

Abs. conf.: 1S, 1′S [1]


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    S. Abdizhabbarova, S.Kh. Maekh, S.Yu. Yunusov, Chem. Nat. Comp. 14, 114 (1978)Google Scholar

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