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CAS Registry Number: 485-18-7 Open image in new window

Taxonomy: Physicochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Alkaloids – Bisisoquinoline Alkaloids

Biological sources: Berberis heteropoda, B. iliensis, B. integerrima, B. nummularia, B. oblonga

C36H40N2O6: 596.2886

Mp: 190–191°C (Me2CO) [1]

[α]D +55° (CHCl3) [1]

Solubility: very sol. CHCl3, MeOH, EtOH; spar. sol. C6H14, C6H6 [1]

UV: 283(4.02) [1]

IR: 3350 [1]

MSm/z: 192(100), 178 [1]

1H NMR: 2.35(3H, s, NCH3), 2.40(3H, s, NCH3), 3.74(6H, s, 2 × OCH3), 6.05–7.00(11H, m, H–Ar) [1]

Pharm./Biol.: Spasmolytic action on the smooth musculature of the intestine [2]


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