Diisoquinoline Alkaloids

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Diisoquinoline alkaloids have been found in 94 studied species of plants from 21 genera of the families Berberidaceae, Fumaraceae, Magnoliaceae, Menispermaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rutaceae, and Papaveraceae. They include salts of protoberberines, dihydroprotoberberines, or tetrahydroprotoberberines. The studied plants have afforded seven protoberberine salts; five dihydroprotoberberines, and 25 alkaloids as tetrahydroprotoberberines. Of the diisoquinolines, 32 of 37 contain oxygen substituents in the 2-, 3-, 9-, and 10-positions. The other five diisoquinolines, in which the oxygens occupy the 2-, 3-, 10-, and 11-positions, include mecambridine (oreophylline) and orientalidine, which contain additional substituents on C-1 and C-12.

Several diisoquinoline tetrahydroprotoberberines that were observed in plants of the genera Corydalis or Berberiscontain an α- or β-oriented methyl [(−)-cavidine, corydaline, isocorybulbine, (±)-thalictricavine, tetrahydrocorysamine] in addition to oxygens in...

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