Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication Technology

  • Zong Wei XuEmail author
  • Fengzhou Fang
  • Guosong Zeng
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Focused ion beam has become an increasingly popular tool for the manufacturing of various types of micro-/nanostructures and devices for different applications. In this chapter, the recent developments of the FIB technologies in the micro/nano manufacturing are presented in details. FIB technologies mainly involve four main approaches: imaging, milling, ion-induced deposition, and implantation. The working principle and key techniques underlying the four approaches are introduced with an emphasis on their abilities in micro-/nanofabrications. The application fields involving using the FIB micro-/nanofabrication technologies are also presented, such as micro optical elements, plasmonic lenses, etc. Concluding remarks and outlook of the future research on the FIB technologies in micro/nano manufacturing are provided at the end of the chapter.


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