Ion Beam Figuring Technology

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In deterministic figuring process, it is critical to guarantee high stability of the removal function as well as the accuracy of the dwell-time solution, which directly influences the convergence of the figuring process. As an ultraprecision optical machining technique, ion beam figuring (IBF) has unique features, such as a highly controllable, stable, and noncontact material removal process, atomic scale material removal capability, etc., well to satisfy this requirement. Currently, IBF is widely used to machine ultraprecision optical elements which is used in lithography, space observation, and so on. This chapter has three sections to describe the IBF technology. Some important research results, summaries, and applications come from our research group. The fundamental theory of IBF is introduced firstly, which includes its principles, its distinctive performances and advantages, the current status and future of IBF, etc. The main content of this chapter is to discuss the key technology of IBF, such as material removal function modeling, contouring algorithm, analysis of correcting ability, optimum material removal of IBF, realization of IBF technique, and so on. In the third section, the challenges of IBF technical development and its new applications are also discussed in detail. They are (1) high-gradient optical surface figuring by IBF, (2) high thermal expansion and crystal optics figuring by IBF, and (3) supersmooth surface figuring and micro-roughness evolution. Finally, some conclusions and suggestions are summed.


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