Bulk Metal Forming Processes in Manufacturing

  • Ehsan GhassemaliEmail author
  • Xu Song
  • Mehrdad Zarinejad
  • Atsushi Danno
  • Ming Jen Tan
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Among the manufacturing methods, bulk metal forming processes are recognized as classical methods with unique advantages for related industries. Despite many emerging technologies, these advantages have made them a hot topic in industrial applications. In this chapter, various types of bulk metal forming processes are described. The main processes including rolling , extrusion , and forging with their sub-categories are covered. Particular attention is given to the metallurgical aspects of these processes such as the effect of initial blank properties and interfacial friction on the in-process material behavior. Different approximation methods for modeling of these forming processes are explained and compared. The main challenges in finite element simulation of the bulk metal forming processes are also introduced and discussed. This chapter may serve as a good reference for forming process selection and identification for researchers, engineers, and students.


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