Properties and Applications of Polymer Nanocomposite

  • Alok ChaurasiaEmail author
  • Yu Suzhu
  • Cheng Kuo Feng Henry
  • Vishal Tukaram Mogal
  • Sampa Saha
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Chapter 3, “Polymer Surface Treatment and Coating Technologies” mainly discusses the extensive studies which have been carried out on properties and applications of polymer and polymer nanocomposites in the field of bioelectronics. It also highlights on some of the interesting engineering applications such as high-performance composites used in aerospace application. In addition to that, we briefly talked about biodegradable as well as biocompatible polymers which have gained significant attention due to its widespread use in the preparation of biocomposites for various biomedical as well as agricultural applications. Next part of the discussion emphasizes on conducting polymer composite mainly on carbon nanotube (CNT)/polymer composite because of continuous interest in the use of polymers (conjugate) for fabrication of numerous light and/or foldable electronic devices and they are also extremely promising candidates for sensor applications. It also focused on the application of polymer and polymer nanocomposites for packaging areas. The main advantages of plastics as compared with other packaging materials are that they are lightweight and low cost and have good processability, high transparency and clarity, as well as good barrier properties with respect to water vapor, gases, and fats. Our discussion on polymer composite ends with its utility in automotive applications. Because they are lightweight and due to their property tailorability, design flexibility, and processability, polymers and polymer composites have been widely used in automotive industry to replace some heavy metallic materials.


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