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Jones, George

  • Gordon L. Houston
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BirthYork, Pennsylvania, USA, 30 July 1800

DiedPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 22 January 1870

Observed by  Johannes Kepler and  Alexander Humboldt, and named by  Giovanni Cassini, the extensive visual observations of the zodiacal light by George Jones added extensively to the scientific knowledge of the zodiacal light and still stand as a benchmark for describing the phenomenon today.

Jones was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Jones and was educated at Yale, receiving his AB in 1823 and his AM in 1826. Shortly thereafter, he joined the United States Navy, serving initially as a secretary to Commodore Charles Morris aboard the USS Brandywine. He left the Navy when his commission expired in 1828. During this time, he wrote his first books and became an ordained Episcopal minister, which proved to be pivotal to his astronomical contributions. He returned to the Navy in 1832, serving as a chaplain on a variety of ships. Ultimately, it was his selection for the Japan expedition by...

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