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John of Sicily

  • Giancarlo Truffa
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Alternate Names

 Johannes de Messina;  Johannes de Sicilia;  Johannes Siculus;  John of Messina;  Juan de Messina

FlourishedParis, France, end of thirteenth century

John of Sicily was the author of a commentary on one of the canons to the Toledan Tables. Nothing is known of his life except that he was in Paris at the end of the thirteenth century. His only extant work is the commentary Inter cetera veritatis philosophicae documenta on the canons Quoniam cuiusque actionis to the Toledan Tables. The commentary is dated circa 1291; it is very literal and very elaborate. It can be considered a good example of a standard text on medieval trigonometry and planetary theory. Like the canons, the commentary can be divided in three parts. The first one is dedicated to the division of time and the conversion from different calendars. The application of trigonometry to the astronomy of the primum mobileconstitutes the second part, while the third is dedicated to the motion of the planets. The...

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Selected Reference

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