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Jacoby, Harold

  • Keith Snedegar
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BornNew York, New York, USA, 4 March 1865

DiedWestport, Connecticut, USA, 20 July 1932

An American astronomer known for the determination of accurate star positions from the measurement of photographic plates, Harold Jacoby, also was significant in providing entry-level employment for women astronomers in the early twentieth century. Born in New York City, he was a lifelong resident of the metropolis, except for 2 years he spent on a scientific expedition to Africa, and in his final retirement. Jacoby attended Columbia University, earning his AB in 1885 and Ph.D. in 1896. He became an assistant in geodesy and practical astronomy at Columbia 3 years after completing his doctoral work. However, the turning point of his early career came when he joined the 1889 American expedition that sailed aboard the USS Pensacola to observe a solar eclipse from Cape Ledo, Angola. On the return voyage the Pensacola paid a call at Cape Town, where Jacoby decided to join the staff of the Royal...

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