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Dubiago, Dmitrii Ivanovich

  • Jordan D. MarchéII
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 Dubyago, Aleksandr Dmitrievich;  Dubyago, Dmitrii Ivanovich

Born(Smolensk Oblast), Russia, 3 October 1849

DiedKazan, Russia, 22 October 1918

Dmitrii Ivanovich Dubiago specialized in theoretical astronomy, astrometry, and gravimetry. He was the father of   Aleksandr Dubiago .

Dubiago completed his undergraduate studies in physics and mathematics at the University of Saint Petersburg in 1872. Between 1884 and 1918, he directed the Kazan Observatory and, after 1901, concurrently directed the V. P. Engel’gardt Observatory that he founded near Kazan. For 6 years (1899–1905), he also served as rector of the University of Kazan.

Dubiago compiled a catalogue of over 4,000 stars that had been carefully observed by Kazan astronomers between 1869 and 1892. He studied the retrograde orbit of Neptune’s satellite Triton and prepared a theoretical treatment of the orbit of asteroid (78) Diana.

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