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Dominis, Marco Antonio

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Alternate Name

 De Dominis, Marco Antonio

BornIsland of Rab, (Croatia), 1560

DiedRome, (Italy), 1624

Marco Antonio Dominis was a remarkable Jesuit who rose to become an Archbishop and Prelate of Dalmatia. However, in England he converted from Catholicism to Anglicanism – and then to Catholicism again upon his return to Italy. Accused of heresy by the Inquisition, he died in prison.

Contemporary with Dominis, Galileo Galilei developed his new physics. Yet even Galilei did not get everything right: His theory of the tides failed to invoke an attractive force produced by the Moon and Sun. This idea was floated by Dominis in his 1624 Euripus Seu de Fluxu et Refluxu Maris Sentential.Dominis also theorized on the cause of rainbows (prior to  René Descartes).

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