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Arrhenius, Svante August

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BornVik (or Wijk), Sweden, 19 February 1859

DiedStockholm, Sweden, 2 October 1927

Chemist Svante Arrhenius was considered a child prodigy who reputedly taught himself how to read at the age of three. His father, Svante Gustaf Arrhenius, was a surveyor and estate manager for the University of Uppsala; his mother was Carolina Thunberg.

Arrhenius began his university education studying physics at the University of Uppsala. He felt that he was not receiving the best education, so he went to Stockholm to study under Professor Erik Edlund and to work on his doctorate. Arrhenius’ dissertation, entitled Recherches sur la conductibilité galvanique des électrolytes(Investigations on the galvanic conductivity of electrolytes), was presented in 1884, but mainly because his professors did not fully understand his work, the thesis and its defense received a low grade. In this treatise, Arrhenius began to develop his theory on the dissociation of ions in water, which led to his receiving the Nobel...

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