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Jenkins, Louise Freeland

  • Dorrit Hoffleit
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BornFitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, 5 July 1888

DiedNew Haven, Connecticut, USA, 9 May 1970

American astrometrist Louise Jenkins compiled a valuable catalog of stars within 10 parsecs of the Sun and edited the third edition of the Yale Bright Star Catalogue. Only 12 of the nearby stars are brighter than V = 6.5.

Jenkins attended Mount Holyoke College where she studied under Professor  Anne Young, earning her AB in 1911 and MA in 1917. Meanwhile, she was appointed as assistant in astronomy at Mount Holyoke, 1911–1913; computer at Allegheny Observatory, 1913–1915 (where  Frank Schlesinger was then director); and instructor at Mount Holyoke, 1915–1920. From 1917 to 1920 Jenkins observed sunspots at the Mount Holyoke telescope, reporting her observations in Popular Astronomy. In 1919 she joined the American Association of Variable Star Observers [AAVSO]. With Young in 1920, Jenkins determined the proper motions of some 34 variable stars.

From 1920 to 1932 Jenkins was a member of the Women’s...

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