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BornMacedonia, (Greece), 384 BCE

Died322 BCE

The ancient Greek worldview featured a central Earth surrounded by rotating spheres carrying the planets and stars; it persisted for some two millennia, from ancient Greece through medieval Islam to Renaissance Europe, and was largely the creation of the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Aristotle’s father was the personal physician of Amyntas II of Macedon, a poor land of unruly people at the northern edge of the Greek peninsula. At age 17, in 367 BCE, Aristotle left Macedon for Athens. There he entered  Plato’s Academy, and stayed there for 20 years.

Philip II claimed the crown of Macedon in 359 BCE, gradually consolidated his control, and emerged as Athens’ main opponent. Plato’s death in 347 BCE, combined with an anti-Macedonian mood in Athens, saw Aristotle set sail across the Aegean Sea to Asia Minor. There, he founded a new academy under the patronage of a local ruler, whose 18-year-old niece and adopted daughter Aristotle married. From...

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