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Janssen, Pierre Jules César

  • Raymonde Barthalot
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BornParis, France, 22 February 1824

DiedMeudon near Paris, France, 23 December 1907

French solar astronomer Jules Janssen discovered that it is possible to see prominences beyond the limb of the Sun without waiting for an eclipse, demonstrated that some features in the solar spectrum are actually caused by gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, and reported erroneously a large quantity of water vapour in the atmosphere of Mars, which gave support to the then-popular idea of an inhabited planet.

A childhood accident left Janssen permanently lame, and he was educated at home. He initially started work in a bank and took up formal education only at the university level as an adult. He received his licence ès sciences at the Sorbonne in 1852 and then worked as a calculator at the Paris Observatory. Indeed, Janssen was dependent on a series of temporary jobs and stipends until 1865, when he was appointed to the chair of physics at the École Speciale d’Architecture in Paris.

Despite his handicap,...

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