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2014 Edition
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Archenhold, Friedrich Simon

  • Dieter B. Herrmann
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BornLichtenau, (Hessen, Germany), 2 October 1861

DiedBerlin, Germany, 14 October 1939

Astronomy popularizer Friedrich Archenhold completed his secondary education at the Realgymnasium in Lippstadt. In 1882, he began to study the natural sciences at the Friedrich Wilhelm University (now Humboldt University) in Berlin. There, Archenhold came under the influence of Wilhelm Förster, director of the Berlin University Observatory, who was committed to diffusing scientific knowledge among the public. In 1888, Förster cofounded the Urania Society as an outreach function of Science.

From 1890 to 1895, Archenhold served as astronomer and manager of the Grunewald Observatory, a small station located outside the city of Berlin. In 1893, he began a campaign to construct a large telescope in Germany. Three years later, this was accomplished with construction of the longest refracting telescope in the world, a 26.8-in. (68-cm) objective with a focal length of 69 ft. (21 m), financed by private...

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Translated by Peter Nockolds.

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