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Andoyer, Marie-Henri

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BornParis, France, 1 October 1862

DiedParis, France, 12 June 1929

Henri Andoyer contributed to three principal areas of scientific research: (1) observational and practical astronomy, (2) mathematical astronomy and celestial mechanics, and (3) textbooks and historical accounts. Andoyer’s father was bureau chief at the Banque de France. The young Andoyer completed his secondary studies at the Lycée d’Harcourt. Later, he was admitted to the École Normale Supérieure and graduated at the top of his class in 1884, with a degree in mathematical sciences. That year,  Benjamin Baillaud, director of the Toulouse Observatory, hired Andoyer as astronome adjoint and chargé de conférences at the Faculté des sciences at Toulouse.

Andoyer completed graduate coursework at the University of Paris and was awarded a doctorate in mathematical sciences in 1886. His dissertation (published the following year) was entitled, Contribution à la théorie des orbites intermédiares(Contribution to the theory of...

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